Precast Concrete Curbing

Interlock Curb is produced under ideal conditions providing for a consistent top-quality product. Minnick Services has developed a unique zero slump mix design resulting in a durable high strength 7000 psi concrete, which resists the spalling, scaling and chipping caused by freeze/thaw, salt and other corrosive chemicals. Steel reinforcement, magnesium alloy spikes and double interlocking tongue and groove joints provide for maximum stability.

Interlock Curb installs quickly in almost any weather condition. The ease of installation provides flexibility in design and scheduling. Interlock Curb is surface installed on the base or finish coat asphalt surface. This eliminates parking lot or street construction bottleneck delays from pour-in-place concrete crews. You can also alter the original design and traffic patterns at a future date. Many times, the original curb can be reused in the new configuration.

Interlock Curb is priced low and is easy to calculate on a per foot basis.


Parking Bumpers

Minnick concrete parking bumpers are tough. They are made with high strength 6000 psi concrete. The bumpers are secure. They include two pin holds for 5/8” x 18” steel anchoring rods which we supply. We keep a fully stocked yard of both the slotted and flat profiles for same day pick-up and fast delivery.

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